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Essential Winter Coats for Women

December 6, 2017


1. Shearling Trench Coat



No closet is complete without this key transitional coat, which can take wearers from crisp Fall nights to cool Winter Mornings. Be the coolest babe in town! The luxe feel and quality of this outerwear piece is not to be missed.





2. Parka


During the most brutally cold days, you’ll be thankful to have a heavy coat keeping you warm. A puffy parka with a furry hood is especially cozy, and still looks chic when you’re running around on the weekends. It is the way your body deals with freezing weather.




3. Leather Jacket


A leather jacket is one of those rare pieces that can transition straight from the office to the club to the farmer’s market. Pair a dark one with all-black for a chic nighttime look, or throw one over a lace dress for a feminine-not-dainty outfit. Here's how the right jacket and more can make your outfit look expensive.



4. Perfect Shearling Jacket

If fashion blogs and the street style crowd are anything to go by (hint: we are), the humble shearling coat is coming back in a big way. Unlike so many style trends, this one is delightfully practical, timeless, and comfortable.







5. Fur coat. 

It’s true, there are some items that shouldn’t be missing from a modern woman’s wardrobe. In bright colors and bold stripes, fur coats are making a statement this season.



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