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Glamour on Fur Sliders Trend

December 18, 2017

The fashion slider is divided into two styles - the pool slider, as fashioned by Rihanna who has designed some particularly impractical furry versions as part of her Puma line, and then there's backless flat loafers, which have, confusingly, also been dubbed slides. The latter trend was born of Gucci's sleek original that are now owned by most fashion editors across the land.

So let's start with the pool slider, which has become popular over the past few seasons thanks to Celine, Gucci and Chloe. It's a shoe that has zero aesthetic appeal, but that's where its charm lies - the pool slider is practical and unpretentious, and all over the high street this season. If you're a hipster or a street style star, you might wear yours with a pair of socks, but the rest of us will probably wear them with a pair of straight-leg cropped jeans (with a frayed hem, naturally) or with a midi-length dress to add a relaxed, youthful edge. They're an easy way of making every summer outfit look more pared-down, although they do have an annoying habit of slipping off your foot at the smallest provocation.


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