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Care instructions

A few simple tips will keep your shearling, fur, leather and suede products looking beautiful:

  • Always place your garment on a well-formatted hanger
  • Fur and Shearling travels well, pack it like any other garment
  • Pack leather and suede garments flat to avoid wrinkles
  • After unpacking, just shake it lightly and place it on hanger
  • Let your fur, shearling, suede and leather breathe
  • Store it in a dry cool place, no plastic cover
  • Wet fur and shearling should dry by itself in a cool, dry place
  • When dry, just shake to restore its smoothness
  • Do not use any artificial heat, do not wash it with water
  • Always use a professional fur and leather cleaner
  • Allow leather to air-dry away from heat if it gets wet
  • When you’re not wearing it, keep it in a cool ventilated area.
  • Leather can dry-out or mildew if stored in a hot or humid environment.
  • Never leave leather or suede in a plastic bag.
  • Wear a scarf to protect the collar area from skin oils and perspiration.
  • Heavy staining of any kind and ground-in dirt  is not a friend of leather or suede.
  • Leather, suede, shearling and fur are natural materials and might have some color variations and natural marks

Following these tips will help extend the life of your shearling, fur, leather, and suede products to last for generations